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aerdsc_0793.jpgKey question for all European regions concerning the newest EC’s initiative of the Eastern Partnership is apparently its regional dimesion. Will there be enough room for enhanced co-operation with eastern neighbours of the EU? This was also a key issue of the morning seminar held in Wielkopolska Region’ s Brussels Office in close co-operation with the Assembly of the European Regions.

Our guest, Mr. Robert Soltyk representing DG RELEX of the European Commission, reported that experience made by European regions in the field of cohesion policy would be a vital lesson for supporting economic and social development in Eastern partner countries.

He mentioned especialy “pilot regional development programmes addressing local needs for infrastructure, human capital, and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), modelled on EU cohesion policy”. Eastern Partnership, according to the information presented at the meeting in Wielkopolska’s office, is to become fully operational from 2010. Presentation “The Eastern Partnership” by Mr. Robert Soltyk is free to download from our website.

Wielkopolska is involved in exploring the possibilities of the Eastern Partnership mainly given to the successful co-operation with our partners in Georgia and Ukraine. “We would like to underline- said Monika Kapturska, director of the Wielkopolska Region’s Brussels Office- the lessons learnt thanks to the European support to our own democratic transition in 90-ies. We would like to share this experience with our Eastern neighbours.” Soon, the fifth anniversary of the EU’s greatest enlargment will be celebrated by Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus.

Monika Kapturska presented the details of the co-operation between Wielkopolska and the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi and Mtskheta Mtianeti region, which was co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs last year. Direct result of the project was awakening the interest of Georgian partners for the EU’s offer concerning the European Neighbourhood Policy, which is proven by establishing a special unit dealing with EU projects in Tibilisi, as well joining the AER’s assembly by the Georgians. Presentation concerning the project Regio-Tamar is free to dowload below the article.

The morning seminar in Wielkopolska gathered many enthusiasts of the EC’s new initiative, please see pictures in our gallery. Gallery

 Presentation "The Eastern Partnership"

Presentation  "Regio-Tamar"