School of Entrepreneurship is looking for a partner in the field of professional activation

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Biuro Wielkopolski w Brukseli

Wielkopolska Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości (Wielkopolska’s School of Entrepreneurship) is looking for a partner from UE country.

Our grant project proposal ‘Game for change’ aims at a new solution. We plan to create and develop with the partner a game that will correspond to modern trends in working with people at risk of poverty or social exclusion, unemployed or inactive, including people with disabilities. The goal of the game is to introduce a new way to motivate project participants.

Who the partner should be: 

- have experience in activities related to social inclusion and professional activation (especially for people 30+ )
- use some innovative, interesting and adaptable solutions (e.g. gamification, simulation and activation games)
- communicate in English, German, Spanish or Italian
- be based in one of the EU countries

The budget covers the costs of study visits, delegations and working time of experts involved in the project. Transnational activities may include a meeting in person.


Contact person: Marta Raptis (+32) 0 27 34 09 41 (


Wielkopolska’s School of Entrepreneurship is a training institution and employment agency currently implementing a project ‘Change? Start with yourself II!’ within the Greater Poland Regional Operational Program 2014+ and has just been qualified to extend this project by transnational cooperation component.


autor: Biuro Wielkopolski w Brukseli